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SUEK is one of the largest coal companies in the world and the number one coal producer in Russia.

We are one of the ten largest coal companies by reserves and sales globally. We sell coal to almost 1,900 customers in Russian, Atlantic and Asia-Pacific markets through our extensive sales and distribution network. We continue to strengthen our position as the largest coal exporter, focusing particularly on the supply of high-quality, premium-priced coal to the growth markets of Asia as well as maintaining our market share in Europe. We remain the largest supplier of thermal coal to the Russian market.

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Our vertically integrated business model ensures we have extensive control of our value chain: from taking coal out of the ground and processing, to delivering it to our customers via rail rolling stock, ports and trade offices.

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1 Focusing on efficient growth
2 Improving operational efficiency and productivity
3 Maintaining a robust balance sheet
4 Achieving high safety standards
5 Committed to sustainable development

Securing our leading position in the industry is an important goal for SUEK. We continually look for opportunities to reinforce competitive advantage, expand our market share and develop a socially responsible business. To meet these objectives, we have identified five strategy pillars.

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