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SUEK is one of the world’s largest coal companies and the leading coal producer in Russia. Our competitive strengths include: large, high-quality coal deposits, modern quality-assured washing plants and highly cost-efficient production and distribution.

Our mission is to help fuel the world whilst delivering value to all our stakeholders. We accomplish this by producing coal safely and efficiently and reliably supplying a broad range of coal products to our customers in 42 countries; by building long-term relationships with suppliers and partners, and by developing the skills and competence of all our 33,583 employees.

Our integrated business model enables us to benefit from economies of scale and helps us maintain our status as one of the world’s largest coal companies.

  • No.1 in Russia and No.6 globally by output – 107.8 Mt in 2017
  • No.3 globally by international sales – 56.4 Mt in 2017
  • No.5 globally by reserves – 5.3 Bt

We create and deliver long-term value to our shareholders at every stage of our vertically integrated value chain – from mining, processing, transportation and shipment through port facilities, to sales and distribution.

Our key assets include:

  • 18 open pits
  • 8 mines
  • 9 washing plants and processing facilities
  • 3 ports
  • Global sales and distribution network
  • Research institute

With assets located in the east of Russia, we enjoy a competitive advantage with regards to ease and cost of transportation to the strategic Asia-Pacific market.

We seek to further enhance our position through expanding our mines and processing assets, investing in further development of logistics and innovating across our business.

Coal production by leading Russian companies in 2017 (%)
International sales by the world’s leading coal producers in 2017 (million tonnes)
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