Board Committees

The work of the Board Committees is determined by the Board work plan.

Strategy Committee

Areas of competence:

  • Developing recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the Group’s long-term and medium-term development strategy;
  • Reviewing strategic initiatives of the management; assessing associated risks; and developing solutions which will enable us to make the best of strategic advantages and capitalise on new opportunities;
  • Evaluating the Group’s response to macroeconomic and market changes; reviewing financial conditions; and implementing and monitoring major investment projects.

Strategy Committee members

Nomination and Compensation Committee

Areas of competence:

  • Supporting the management in HR strategy, nominations and compensation, corporate governance, and social policy;
  • Supervising compliance with the standards of industrial and environmental safety at our enterprises; monitoring the system of key performance indicators in this area;
  • Ensuring continuity of the senior management; establishing a succession pool;
  • Designing and assessing programmes to develop managers at various levels;
  • Assessing compliance of the industrial safety system with regulatory and corporate requirements; assessing efficiency of controls in this area.

Nomination and Compensation Committee members

Audit Committee

Areas of competence:

  • Ensuring completeness and accuracy of financial and management reporting;
  • Supervising preparation of the annual financial statements; review of reports of the independent auditor and letters with recommendations to management.
  • Evaluating performance of the independent auditor;
  • Developing a system of internal controls and risk management

Audit Committee members

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