Information for Shareholders

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SUEK  is a privately held company, headquartered in Moscow, Russia. The share capital of SUEK JSC amounts to RUB 1,160,300 (one million one hundred and sixty thousand three hundred roubles) divided into 232,060,000 (two hundred and thirty-two million sixty thousand) ordinary registered shares with a face value of RUB 0.005 (zero point double zero five roubles) each. The principal ultimate beneficiary of SUEK is Mr. Andrey Melnichenko.

Corporate Governance

SUEK is a vertically integrated coal business headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

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Investment story

SUEK Group is the number one coal producer in Russia – twice the size of our largest Russian competitor.

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Reports and disclosure

Please read our latest Annual Report to find out more information

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Our strategy

Securing our leading position in the industry is an important goal for SUEK Group.

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Debt investors

Credit rating Outlook Publishing date Press Release
Moody's Ba3 Stable 14 October 2016 Release
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