New world record set at Chernogorsky open pit in SUEK-Khakasia

9 February 2016
Sumitec International has confirmed the establishment of a world record by the KOMATSU РС4000-6 mining shovel crew headed by Vitaly Yarosh at the Chernogorsky open pit of SUEK-Khakasia. The shovel team loaded 1072 thousand cubic metres of overburden rock into the dump trucks during the month.

Commemorating the miners’ record, the director of the Siberian branch of Sumitec International, Sergey Zykov, highlighted that this result is the highest achievement for a machine of this class, working at any coal open pit in the world.

‘’SUEK management has set us a target to work according to international standards, which every employee of SUEK-Khakasia seeks to achieve on their own, at their own workplace,’’ says the General Director of SUEK-Khakasia Alexey Kilin. ‘’Vitaly Yarosh’s crew is not in any way reducing the rate and pace at which the work is being performed, and thus is set to achieve even better results.’’

The KOMATSU PC4000-6 mining shovel, serial number 08244, was put into operation in the autumn of 2015. Thus to achieve a world record, it took the crew to operate the new machine for about two months.
Tags: Khakasia production
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