Assembly line modernised at Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya 2 mine

3 March 2015

In order to increase production capacity to five million tonnes of coal a year, the assembly line at SUEK-Kuzbass Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya No 2 mine has been modernised.

In 2014, the conveyor line that had served the mine since 2001 was replaced. For the transportation of rock mass of the preparatory and working faces, high-performance 3LL-1600 conveyors with a capacity of 3500 tonnes per hour were installed.

The use of 3LL-1600 belt conveyors allows the mine conveyor line to work 22 hours per day.

A complete upgrade of the conveyor chain helps reduce downtime associated with front-loaded conveyors, and reduce labour costs in the operation and maintenance of equipment. The upgrade also improves the security of the conveyor barrel. The cost of replacing the conveyor line amounted to about RUB 1.5bn.

Tags: kemerovo production
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