Automatic announcement system ‘Sprut-Inform’ commissioned at Kharanorsky open pit

6 December 2016
An automatic announcement system called ‘Sprut-Inform’ has been commissioned at the Kharanorsky open pit. The equipment has been installed under SUEK’s work and mine safety investment programme. The system covers two production facilities at the mine which belong to Hazard Class 2 – the open pit itself and the explosive stores. The cost of the system equipment and its installation is about RUB 2m.

‘Sprut-Inform’ features a system unit, loudspeakers, software and several types of announcement channels. Information on any emergency at the mine is received by the mine controller. With a push of a button he circulates text messages and makes phone calls to members of the emergency prevention and response and fire safety board. At the same time, loudspeakers and portable radios operated at the mine are used to notify employees who work at the hazardous industrial facilities.

“The local warning system has been tested during a drill. From now on, in case of any breakdowns or emergencies as well as during drills announcement takes 10 times faster. For instance, the mine controller used to have to phone the fire and health services and members of the emergency prevention and response board by manually dialling all 16 people. These days it can be done instantaneously with one mouse click,” says Alexandra Pronina, Head of Civil defence and emergency situations department at the Kharanorsky open pit. Another advantage of the system is that eight different modes of voice and audible announcements are available. Signals which are broadcast via loudspeakers can be different, depending on the type of emergency, be it a fire or an air raid warning.
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