Borodino crew achieve major working landmark

28 May 2015

Borodino miners have reached another working milestone. On 28 May 2015, the ERP-2500 excavator’s crew No.3 shipped their 130 millionth tonne of coal to consumers.

The excavator used at the Borodino open-pit mine has a height of 30 metres, a length of 65 metres, weighs 1,860 tonnes and is able to ship over 3,000 tonnes of coal per hour.

Today there are more than 24 employees operating the ERP-2500 excavator No.3, many of them with over 30 years’ experience. Many of the crew have won professional skill prizes or been awarded certificates of merit from the Ministry of Energy and SUEK. For more than two decades, the crew has been managed by Alexandr Rudenko.

Mr Rudenko expressed his pride at what he saw as a "very well-organised and hard-working team. Everyone knows their job inside out. And when young people join our team, they are fully supported and are able to learn from the vast levels of experience around them.”

Tags: krasnoyarsk production
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