New production record set at Borodinsky open-pit mine

4 February 2015

A new production record has been set at the M.I. Schadov Borodinsky open-pit mine (part of SUEK-Krasnoyarsk).

Using a power shovel MCS-12.5, crew No.87 at Borodinsky have now unloaded 50 million m3 of mined rock since they began operating this machine.

The MCS 12.5 was designed at Ural heavy engineering factory (UHEF), and was produced there until 1982 when manufacture was handed over to the Krasnoyarsk heavy engineering factory.

Crew No.87 is led by Victor Ilyushin, who has been honoured with the highest professional awards. His colleagues have also won various professional contests and the crew can proudly point to many months of increased production. In December 2013 Mr Ilyushin’s crew were privileged to unload the landmark 950-millionth cubed-metre of mined rock.

Nikolai Laletin, head of Borodinsky open-pit mine, congratulated the crew on their new production record and praised them for their dedication, hard work and desire to constantly increase output volumes.

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