Novoshakhtinskoe open pit mine sets monthly coal-shipping record

2 February 2015

The team of Novoshakhtinskoe open pit mine has broken a monthly coal shipping record. In January, Primorskugol’s largest mine shipped 500,000 tonnes of coal for the first time in its history.

The mine was able to exceed its monthly target (228,000 tonnes higher) due to higher demand for the thermal coal it produces.

The previous maximum monthly shipping rate of 457,000 tonnes was recorded at Novoshakhtinskoe open pit mine in December 2014.

As of year-end 2014, the mine met its production target of 2.75 million tonnes per year, which is a milestone achievement given the decreased brown coal sales in the first half of 2014.

The achievement of the miners at the Novoshakhtinskoe open pit comes as a result of exemplary teamwork and the ability to summon resources to achieve set goals.

Tags: primorye production
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