SUEK-Kuzbass invests RUB 1m in lab equipment for Kuzbass State Technical University

11 February 2015

On the eve of Russian Science day, a state-of-the-art laboratory for mining machinery and equipment diagnostics was inaugurated at Kuzbass State Technical University (KSTU). The laboratory was named after SUEK-Kuzbass in recognition of the company’s regular investment in the university.

While the classroom’s refurbishment costs were met thorough KSTU’s funds, SUEK-Kuzbass purchased equipment for it, providing RUB 1m to buy the most up-to-date instruments to test and assess the safety of mining machinery and electrical equipment.

The new equipment includes a thermal imaging camera, an ultrasonic crack detector, a vibration analyser, a heat sensing gun, an ultrasonic thickness gauge and a leak finder. Students are able to assess the technical condition of parts and the assembly of mining machinery to forecast probability of equipment failure and subsequent repair requirements. “To be able to retain our position in the global market our mines need state-of-the-art equipment. We want our equipment to be serviced by highly skilled professionals who have been trained not just from pictures in text books but who have gained hands-on experience of the latest diagnostic equipment during their studies,” explained Anatoly Meshkov, First Deputy CEO and Technical Director of OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass.

President of KTSU, Vladimir Kovalev, also stressed the benefits of the laboratory and the collaboration with SUEK-Kuzbass. “The new lab is a great gift to our mechanical engineers. This is yet another example of how higher education institutions and the business community can cooperate to great effect.”

Currently, 98 undergraduates study at the university under SUEK-Kuzbass’ targeted programme. In the last three years, SUEK-Kuzbass mines have welcomed mining engineers who have graduated from the university. Moreover, 11 senior managers within SUEK-Kuzbass are doing their post-graduate studies in KSTU, engaged in research in various mining-related fields.

Anatoly Meshkov awarded scientists with SUEK-Kuzbass grants totalling RUB 1.35bn to enable them to carry out research projects overseas.

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