SUEK-Kuzbass miners improve world record for underground drilling

2 June 2015

Twice in a week the miners of the Degassing and Methane Utilisation Division (DMUD, part of SUEK-Kuzbass) set a new record for underground drilling.

On 27 May 2015 at the Kirova mine, team No.3 of MDRD drilled 594 metres during the day, using a drilling system equipped with a space-orientation system VLD 1000A (Australia). The team improved its own world record (set five days earlier) by 30 metres.

Evgeniy Yetaev, CEO of SUEK-Kuzbass, congratulated the miners on the victory: “Two records on speed drilling in one week is an extraordinary achievement in the history of the company. This steady increase in speed of drilling is the result of a systematic approach to the work organisation of the enterprise, effective use of modern drilling equipment and, of course, miners’ skill.”

VLD 1000A system was purchased in 2011 and used at the Kirova mine for effective integrated degassing using directional drilling degasification wells.

Tags: kemerovo production
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