SUEK-Kuzbass starts production of modular air handling units

26 February 2015

Sib-Damel, a service company of SUEK-Kuzbass, has launched production of a modular air heating ventilation unit.

The unit is intended for use in underground mines and is capable of supplying air to mine working areas to a capacity of 4000 m³/min. Two VC-15 fans are always in operation and the third is in reserve. The power of each of the three air heating fans is 2200 kW.

Right now Sib-Damel is finishing the construction of a ventilation unit for the Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya 2 mine. The next step is the production of several more such facilities for the Rubana mine, for 7th November mine, and for the Polysaevskaya mine.

The main advantage of the modular system unit is that, if necessary, it can be dismantled and moved to another location with ease.

Tags: kemerovo production
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