SUEK produces 98.9 million tonnes of coal in 2014

20 January 2015

In 2014 SUEK produced 98.9 million tonnes of coal, this represented a 2% increase on the previous year.

Sales volume went up 3% in 2014 year-on-year, amounting to 95.4 million tonnes of coal.

Coal sales to the international market rose 8% to 45.6 million tonnes of coal, while exports of the company's own coal grew by 5% to 40.5 million tonnes. SUEK’s major international markets are China, the UK, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Taiwan and Germany.

The company sold 49.8 million tonnes of coal to consumers in Russia in 2014 (a 1% fall year-on-year), of which 37.7 million tonnes was shipped to electric power-generating facilities.

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