OAO SUEK considers it necessary to contribute to the social and economic development of the regions in which it operates and to be a reliable civic partner in the process of forming a stable and advantageous social environment.

SUEK undertakes co-projects with regional and local administration. We cooperate with educational institutions and non-governmental organisations in creating social, economic and philanthropic programs. We as a company actively participate in implementing top-priority national projects that support educational organizations, healthcare and other institutions.

Our strategic objective is to form truly efficient social partnerships and develop creative potential so as to boost the motivation level of local residents. In 2007, we launched the non-profit organisation known as the "Regional social and economic support fund" aka. "SUEK FOR REGIONS". The Fund serves to help to create new opportunities for launching modern territorial development mechanisms in partnership with the authorities and existing public organisations.

SUEK is fully aware of theaccountability to the public regarding its operations, business partners and staff. Therefore, improving industrial safety,raising levels of environmental protection, and bringing about new standards for labour relations are amongst the top priorities in the company's work.

Sergey Grigoryev,
Deputy Director General,
Relations and Communication Director


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