SUEK supports the global Earth Hour

As part of the campaign, on Saturday, 27 March, from 20:30 to 21:30 local time, the company turned off all lights in offices at its mines and service units in Kuzbass, along with all lights in the are...

NTC expands customer base

NTC (National Transportation Company) and metallurgical holding Novostal-M signed a long-term cooperation agreement.

Murmansk Port continues its Arctic programme

The 2021 Arctic programme is well under way at Murmansk Commercial Seaport. As part of the programme, at berth No. 15 of Cargo District 2, the Port loaded 15,013 tonnes of cargo on board of Northern P...
Region: Murmansk

Dream Ski for children rehabilitation

In Kuzbass, a new group of children and their parents became participants in the unique Dream Ski programme. The new season of this rehabilitation course for children with disabilities was sponsored b...
Region: Kemerovo

SUEK sets up production of new bactericidal irradiators

Technological Communications, a SUEK-Kuzbass service company, begins to produce bactericidal irradiators of a new, open type. They will be manufactured to meet demand from SUEK-Kuzbass' Medical Un...
Region: Kemerovo
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