Latest equipment for rock displacement control delivered to Apsatsky open-pit mine

15 November 2019
SUEK’s Apsatsky open-pit mine has introduced interferometric radar. The main purpose of this equipment is to detect small displacements of rock at the mine.

The radar scans the mine face using radio-frequency radiation. The data received are transmitted in real time to the mine dispatcher’s PC and processed by dedicated software. The system then displays an image of the analysed section with its displacement parameters, for example, the speed and direction of rock movement.

Interferometric radar, as compared to other measuring methods, offers greater coverage and faster scanning. It takes 2 minutes. Another feature is the high measurement accuracy, with an error of only 0.2 mm.

This stationary equipment is provided with a special protective container, which makes it possible to work in all weather conditions.

‘In order to control the radar monitoring data, the company runs a mine dispatcher’s service. It monitors the information coming from the radar around the clock,’ Alexander Tsinoshkin, Chief Surveyor of Apsatsky, said.

It is worth noting that Apsatsky is located in the mountains. Interferometric radar allows the timely reception of data on displacements of rock at an early stage. If a critical situation is detected, the company is able to quickly make a decision and prevent an emergency in the workplace. This procedure significantly improves industrial safety during mining operations.

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