Murmansk Commercial Seaport improves air control

27 October 2017

At the Murmansk Commercial Seaport, special monitoring equipment for the continuous analysis of particles in the air serves to enhance the control of air quality. To implement such monitoring, the port authorities collaborated with SGS Vostok Limited, world leader in the field of inspection services, expertise, testing, and certification.


The new environmental project was developed by Murmansk Commercial Seaport specialists and SGS Vostok Limited and is based on similar systems operating in Australian and South African ports.


Eight electronic sampling units located across the Murmansk Commercial Seaport territory and in the port’s residential areas continuously monitor the concentration of suspended particles in the air. Experts then use a gravimetric analysis to calculate the rate of precipitation and determine the proportion of coal particles in the sample, before comparing their findings with the standards of the World Health Organization. Such observations will make it possible to accurately determine the amount and nature of suspended particles originating from port activity.

Furthermore, special electronic sensors were installed at the port’s production zone to simultaneously monitor the concentration of three groups of finely dispersed particles in the air. These devices continuously analyse air quality in real time and transmit data via the internet to the dispatcher's console.

The collected data will help experts objectively assess the environmental impact of production processes and take effective measures for their prompt neutralisation.


It should be noted that the construction of a qualitative and objective environmental monitoring system at the Murmansk Commercial Seaport is only one of several measures implemented by SUEK during the Year of Ecology. Environmental projects at the Murmansk Commercial Seaport will represent about RUB 350 million (about US$ 6 million) in 2017. 


Environmental investments at the port have increased nine times since SUEK become a shareholder of Murmansk Commercial Seaport. 

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