Project to increase Vanino Bulk Terminal capacity included in the Free Port Scheme

11 September 2020
Vanino Bulk Terminal officially became a resident of the Free port of Vladivostok for the implementation of a project in the Khabarovsk region that is aimed at increasing the coal transshipment capacity to 40 million tonnes per year. 

The project is supported by the Far East Investment and Export Agency (ANO API) and the Far East Development Corporation (FEDC). On 11 September, General Director of Vanino Bulk Terminal, Vladimir Dolgopolov, and General Director of JSC Far East Development Corporation (FEDC), Dmitry Tetenkin, signed an agreement on the implementation of a project under the Free port of Vladivostok scheme at the enterprise's site in Toki village, Vaninsky district.

The project to expand the Terminal's capacity to 40 million tonnes is planned to be implemented by 2024. The planned volume of investments under the Free port of Vladivostok scheme is about $160m. The project will create 79 new jobs.

Denis Ilatovsky,Director of Logistics of SUEK emphasised, "When launching the terminal 15 years ago, we started with transshipment of 12 million tonnes per year, and with the development of approaches to the Vanino port and the construction of the Russian Railways Kuznetsovsky tunnel, we expanded the capacity to 24 million tonnes. Now we plan to further expand it to 40 million tonnes. This is certainly the result of our close and productive cooperation with Russian Railways. We see how technologies are changing in the Eastern Polygon, and how the most advanced solutions and innovative technical tools are being introduced. New administrative and managerial approaches are being applied. Among the latest achievements of the Far Eastern Railway, the Directorate of Traction of Russian Railways, I would like to note the daily guaranteed supply of 7 heavy trains weighing 7,100 tonnes to the Toki station for unloading at our terminal. This seemed fantastic at the beginning of the year. Today, we have loaded the terminal up to almost 100 % capacity, and our further development of the Terminal will be synchronised with the programme for the development of the traffic handling capacity of the Russian Railways Far East railway," he says.

Denis Ilatovsky notes that the Company is making every effort to ensure the growing coal transportation volume. Thus, at the end of June, port workers loaded 141,018 tonnes of coal onto a vessel within two shifts, which is the highest figure since the Terminal was launched. "In terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness, Vanino Bulk Terminal is one of the leading specialised ports. We motivate and direct our employees to work in a competitive environment and stimulate a competitive spirit. At the same time, our staff is determined to strictly comply with safety standards," Denis Ilatovsky stressed.

"The Free port of Vladivostok scheme provides investors with unique opportunities to implement their projects through tax incentives and administrative preferences, with significant support from the state. Support of investment projects by the management company and a constantly expanding list of services form an environment that is comfortable for business. To date, under agreements with the FEDC, more than 2,000 residents of the Free port of Vladivostok are working to invest more than $13bn of investment and create about 84,000 jobs," Dmitry Tetenkin, Chief Executive Officer of the Far East Development Corporation, noted.

"Our Agency helped the investor prepare a set of documents for obtaining the status of a resident of the Free port of Vladivostok. Preferential treatment will help to ensure that the project is implemented in a shorter time with lower financial costs for the investor. We are ready to continue to assist the investor in the successful implementation of the project. This is one of the most modern coal terminals in Russia that meets the best international standards for efficiency and environmental friendliness. Such a project will contribute to the development of the Khabarovsk region's economy and create new jobs in the region," Chief Executive Officer of ANO API, Leonid Petukhov, remarked.

It is important to remember that the Free port of Vladivostok extends to separate territories of five regions of the Far East – Primorsky, Khabarovsk and Kamchatka regions, Sakhalin region, and Chukotka. Its residents enjoy special customs, tax, investment and related regulations.

In addition to the development of the Terminal, SUEK is ensuring the development of Vanino district in terms of social programmes, financing multi-year projects such as the construction of a recreational park, the kindergarten-school-university-enterprise project, projects for the improvement of residential and public areas, as well as several one-time projects for the repair and equipment of sports institutions, preschool and school education, assistance to the population and social institutions of the district.

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