SGС and OGK-2 agree on sale of the Krasnoyarskaya GRES-2

9 January 2020
Siberian Generating Company (SGC) and OGK-2 (Gazprom Energoholding Group) have entered into an agreement to sell the Krasnoyarskaya GRES-2.

The total transaction value is about $163 million (excluding VAT). It includes movable and immovable property of the power plant, coal inventory, spare parts and other materials and equipment.

The parties have begun the reregistration of the property, after which SGC will proceed to obtaining the necessary licences and permits for the operation of the Krasnoyarskaya GRES-2.

During this transition period, OGK-2 will continue to operate the power plant. SGC is expected to begin operational management no later than in 12 months.
SGC will provide the personnel of the Krasnoyarskaya GRES-2 with working conditions similar to the current ones.

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