SUEK automates production

7 November 2017

The Kirova mine, acquired shields of the FRS Glinik-12/26 powered roof support, from FAMUR (Poland). The total value of the contract is EUR 24 million.

All support sections are equipped with a modern MARCO electro-hydraulic control system, providing maximum automation of operations at the face. The automation allows to simultaneously move ten sections. Every fifth section is fitted with a security camera, including infrared wavelength. Together, the system allows for the remote monitoring and managing of the complex.

Simultaneously, a floor-mounted transport system from SMT Scharf ensures the safe and efficient delivery of heavy assembled support sections from the shaft surface to the installation chamber.

Over the last five years, SUEK investments in technical upgrades, security system improvements, and environmental protection at operations in Kuzbass amounted to more than RUB 67 billion (about US$ 1.1 billion), including RUB 9.2 billion (about US$ 155 million) at the Kirova mine. The company has been steadily implementing modernisation programmes, replacing obsolete installations with more modern and productive equipment and new highly efficient technology. These initiatives include increasing the length of the face at the Yalevskogo mine to 400 metres, allowing monthly coal extraction of one million tonnes or more from a face, the commissioning of a state-of-the-art cleaning system for high-thickness seams at the Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya mine, and the deployment of the first domestic Ural-400A frontal continuous miner.

SUEK is one of the leading coal mining companies in the world, the largest coal producer in Russia, and the largest supplier to the domestic market and exporter. SUEK’s mining, processing, transportation and service facilities are located in eight regions of Russia and employ more than 33,500 people. The main shareholder is Andrey Melnichenko.

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