SUEK increases output of innovative parts for mining equipment

1 November 2017

Borodinsky machinery and repair plant (BRMZ), a SUEK service company located in the Krasnoyarsk region, continues to expand its range of innovative products. As such, the range of unique valve-inductor motors produced at the plant was extended with a new model - the ID-400/400 motor for the slewing drive of dragline excavator.

According to the plant, the new motors are more reliable than standard manufactured models. "They are structurally simpler, and therefore more reliable," explains Alexander Kaiser, Head of the BRMZ Manufacturing Engineering Department. “A valve-inductor motor does not have a commutator, which often fails in asynchronous machines. Additionally, it offers higher energy efficiency, a higher efficiency coefficient."

Practically all of the BRMZ workshops are involved in the manufacturing of valve-inductor motors. Before the final assembly of the inductor drive, a large-scale test programme is run on a special test bench. The units are then sent to the Tugnuisky open pit in Buryatia for installation on the dragline excavator (ESHE 20/90). By the end of the year, the Borodino plant will have produced and delivered five such electric unit to customers.

BRMZ perfected the manufacturing of valve-inductor motors in 2014. Over the course of two years, the plant achieved industrial production for BelAZ vehicles, excavators, and conveyor equipment. In July of this year, for its BelAZ wheel motor, the plant was given the highest award at the XXIV International Specialized Exhibition of Mining Technologies "Coal of Russia and Mining" - one of the country’s largest and most influential platforms for showcasing the latest technologies in the mining industry.

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