SUEK launches new treatment facilities and starts the construction of a new washing plant at the Vostochno-Beisky open pit

28 August 2018

On 28 August 2018, the Head of the Republic of Khakasia, Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Khakasia Viktor Zimin and the CEO of SUEK Vladimir Rashevsky visited SUEK’s Vostochno-Beisky open pit in Khakasia. The executives took part in the ceremonial launch of the facilities designed to treat quarry water and the start of the construction of a new washing plant.

‘We reported to the President that we would open treatment facilities here. We delivered on our commitment,’ said Viktor Zimin. ‘Today, I thank SUEK, its owners, partners and employees, who constructed this great complex. The new treatment facilities look like a perinatal centre: very clean and orderly. Thank you for investing in our region.’

Employees of the Vostochno-Beisky open pit spoke in detail about the technology used at the facilities. The water extracted when mining coal from the quarry will be delivered through the pipeline system to the treatment facilities. According to the project, the capacity of the treatment facilities is 350 m3/h with the prospect of increasing the capacity to 670 m3/hour, since the Vostochno-Beisky open pit plans to further expand coal mining.

The task of the treatment facilities, in which SUEK invested about 200 million roubles (about $3 million), is to restore the quarry water to its original state, so that it has the same composition as the water from underground sources. To achieve the restoration, the water extracted from the quarry will pass through a two-stage treatment system using AQUAFLOW filtration units. Special sensors will automatically monitor the treatment efficiency and notify the operator of certain set parameters. At the final stage, treated water will be disinfected in an ultraviolet radiation unit and will be returned to underground areas through the infiltration field.

After Viktor Zimin and Vladimir Rashevsky launched the treatment facilities by together pressing a symbolic start button, water began to flow into the new filtration system.

‘This complex is a landmark for us,’ said Vladimir Rashevsky. ‘We believe that a concern for nature and an efficient production management, which respects the interests of the people who want to live in a clean environment, is the only sure way to develop production and the economy.’

On the same day, the Head of Khakasia and the CEO of SUEK initiated the implementation of another major investment project. They together placed a symbolic ‘time capsule’ into the first stone of the washing plant being constructed at the Vostochno-Beisky open pit. The planned project implementation period is almost three years, while the investment will total approximately 3 billion roubles (about $45 million). It is expected that in 2021 the new processing plant will reach its design capacity of 750 tonnes of coal per hour. Almost all coal mined at the Vostochno-Beisky open pit will be processed at the factory, while the mining unit is planning to increase its output from 3.5 to 5 million tonnes in the years to come.

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