SUEK presents new development project for Vanino Bulk Terminal

20 August 2018

SUEK has presented a new investment project to develop Vanino Bulk Terminal to the governor of the Khabarovsk region, Vyacheslav Shport, during his visit to the port.

The new investment project assumes an increase in the transhipment capacity of the already largest and most advanced terminal of the Vanino-Sovgavan transport hub to 40 million tonnes per year. The third stage of the Terminal expansion will be an addition to the existing facilities, with a triple car dumper installed, a new berth and an additional stacker-reclaimer constructed and the warehouse renovated. SUEK will invest more than 20 billion roubles (about $300 million) in the project in the period from now until 2023. According to Vyacheslav Shport, such large-scale projects are among the most important drivers for the development of the region. In addition to significant investments, the Terminal will create 200 new jobs and increase tax proceeds to the local budget, due to a tax on the number of unloaded rail cars.

Denis Ilatovsky, SUEK Director of Logistics, noted that the expansion of the Terminal would allow the full utilisation of the new carrying capacity of the Russian Railways in the direction of Vanino; this capacity is being extended as part of the BAM-Transsib project.

The further development of railway approaches to Vanino up to 85 million tonnes is expected to be made under the BAM-2 programme valued at about 700 billion roubles (about $10 billion), of which 250 billion roubles (about $3.7 billion) are allocated for the Far Eastern Railroad infrastructure in the Khabarovsk region.

Vyacheslav Shport also held a meeting with the employees of Vanino Bulk Terminal, at which various issues of the Vanino district community development were discussed (further renovation of the local airport and the possibility of building a new children's polyclinic and a youth leisure centre in Vanino). The head of the region requested those involved to work on these issues and noted that such facilities would be considered for inclusion in relevant federal and regional programmes.

Vanino Bulk Terminal is a year-round port that has direct access to two independent railways, the Trans-Siberian (Transsib) and the Baikal-Amur (BAM) railways, and is the easternmost point of BAM. The Terminal started operations in 2008, with a design capacity of 12 million tonnes per year, after the upgrade, its capacity reached 24 million tonnes a year; in some periods, the terminal operates at a capacity of up to 30 million tonnes a year. The Terminal handles vessels with a capacity of up to 170 thousand tonnes and has its own towing fleet. Large-scale investment projects in the field of environmental protection and ecology are being implemented at the Terminal. Since 2012, investments totalled 8 billion roubles (about $120 million), including 400 million roubles (about $6 million) spent on environmental programmes.

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