SUEK receives first collective rescue point in Kuzbass

3 August 2020
The first collective personnel rescue point in Kuzbass, KJYF-96/10 (made in China), is being installed at the Yalevsky mine of SUEK. It is intended for collective rescue and protection of underground workers against hazards resulted from emergencies. The life support system of such personnel collective rescue point (PCRP) allows for a continuous stay of 10 people during three days.

This kind of system is required by the ‘Safety rules in coal mines’ Federal Standards in accordance to which, in order to rescue people in underground mines, the latter should be equipped with self-rescuer switching points (SRSP) and personnel collective rescue points (PCRP). SRSPs and PCRPs in mine workings are provided for in design documents approved by mine Technical Managers (Chief Engineers), taking into account additional self-rescue options for personnel on the route to the surface in a self-rescue device.
KJYF-96/10 personnel collective rescue point installed at the Yalevsky mine is a sealed mobile modular box placed in the mining area.

The box is divided into three parts such as the adapter section, main section and equipment section. In the adapter section, people are exposed to a blast of air. This is done to eliminate harmful impurities from the outdoor air. In the main section, miners should wait to be rescued. It is equipped with all the necessary independent life support systems, food and drinking water enough for 10 people for 72 hours and communication with Mine Dispatcher. The equipment section contains cylinders with liquefied carbon dioxide acting as a coolant and a source of pneumatic energy for the air purification and cooling module in the main section.

In an emergency mode, the rescue box is operated by the staff trained under a programme developed by the PCRP manufacturer.

“The use of a multi-stage self-rescue system at the Yalevsky mine is a new step in improving the collective safety of personnel in emergencies,” said Yury Ivanov, Deputy General Director and Director for Production Control and Occupation Safety at SUEK-Kuzbass. “Our mining operations plan for seam 52 provides for the development of longwalls 5214 and 5215 using long emergency routes for personnel to get out to fresh air. There is a need to set up intermediate personnel rescue points with spare respiratory systems and other rescue procedures. PCRP will enable miners to replace the self-rescuer with a backup one in case of an accident and continue to move towards the exit according to the Emergency Response Plan, or to stay safely in PCRP until the arrival of rescuers,” he added.

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