SUEK spends over $60m on the development of open-pit mining in Kuzbass

26 July 2019

SUEK is implementing a large-scale investment programme for providing the Zarechny open-pit mine with modern high-performance equipment in Kuzbass.

In 2018, $17.4 million were invested in the development of Zarechny. This year, the total investment will exceed $38 million. In early June, a Komatsu PC-4000 electrohydraulic excavator with a bucket capacity of 22.0 m3 arrived at the facility. The company also purchased a Komatsu WD-600 bulldozer.

Three BelAZ dump trucks were added to the company’s motor transport department: one BelAZ-75131, with a loading capacity of 130 tonnes, and two BelAZ-75306, each with a loading capacity of 220 tonnes. All the trucks have been put into operation. Additionally, 12 drivers have passed the required training and work placement evaluation.

Moreover, two DML LP-1200 drilling rigs, a Volvo L350H wheel loader and LIEBHERR PR776 crawler bulldozers were bought for Zarechny. In general, vehicle fleet upgrades enable Zarechny to consistently produce 4 million tonnes of coal per year.

In the spring of 2018, SUEK began developing a new site at the Zarechny open-pit mine. Over the past two years, more than $19 million have been spent on its equipment.

The company purchased Komatsu PC-4000 and Komatsu PC-1250 hydraulic excavators, a Komatsu WA-600 wheel loader, two Volvo L350H wheel loaders, an HBM-NOBAS BG240TA-4 motor grader and a LIEBHERR PR776 crawler bulldozer. For wetting mine roads in summer and sanding in winter, a PSCHK combined road machine based on BelAZ-7547 arrived at the location.

Thanks to the successful modernisation programme, 1.2 million tonnes were mined additionally at Zarechny in the first incomplete year of operation. This year, the new site will reach the design capacity of 2 million tonnes of coal per year.

‘Regular upgrades of our excavator, bulldozer and vehicle fleet help the companies achieve their production targets,’ Alexander Katsubin, head of the Zarechny open-pit mine, said. ‘Besides, the introduction of modern machinery ensures the safety of miners. High performance is impossible without a reliable, strong team. By breaking new records, our team becomes even more confident. In addition, the company runs a social support system for employees and their families, which is a good incentive for our staff.’

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