The professional community praises SUEK's contribution to occupational safety culture

21 November 2019
SUEK took part in the IV Krasnoyarsk Occupational Safety Forum. This event brought together regional authorities, trade unions, associations of employers, companies and social partners and was organised by the regional labour and employment agency with assistance from the regional government.

Andrey Fedorov, General Director of SUEK-Krasnoyarsk, delivered his speech at the expert session 'Occupational health and safety (H&S): prospects, risk points, new trends', a key forum event, where they discussed important development areas and innovative H&S management practices. According to him, over the past 5 years, SUEK has invested approximately $50 million in creating comfortable and safe working conditions at the company's units in Krasnoyarsk. SUEK purchases up-to-date workwear and personal protective equipment for employees; carries out large-scale renovation of production facilities with the introduction of advanced supply and exhaust ventilation and lighting systems; improves excavator cabins, which today look more like mini-offices with high-quality materials, comfortable seats and monitors on the walls; installs pre-shift testing terminals at guard desks in order to refine employees' occupational safety knowledge. A whole range of programmes is aimed at improving the health of employees, including the development of a network of departmental medical units, providing them with diagnostic and medical equipment, the introduction of the Healthy Nutrition programme, assistance in quitting smoking and seasonal immunisation against influenza (over 90% of employees participate in this annual vaccination). Such systematic work has reduced and actually brought to zero the number of occupational injuries among company employees in the region (no accidents recorded in 2019). The number of diseases has decreased by 20% over the past 5 years.

SUEK's role in the overall development of a safe production culture in the Russian Federation was appreciated by a high-ranking participant at the event, Vladimir Savinov, Vice President of Etalon Association. Today, Etalon is the largest and most influential professional community of occupational safety experts. According to Vladimir Savinov, SUEK is one of the key contributors to all the largest forums in the field of labour safety; each year, the company's employees attend the Russian Occupational Safety Week in Sochi. SUEK's representatives participate in working groups that reform regulatory documents in the field of occupational safety, which is a clear proof of their recognition by the expert community. 'SUEK's voice in these working groups sounds very loud,' Savinov said.

The forum hosted the award ceremony for companies and organisations of the Krasnoyarsk region following a competition for the best occupational safety culture in 2018. SUEK’s Nazarovsky open-pit mine won in the 'Mining and manufacturing' category, whereas SUEK's service company, Nazarovsky Mining, Installation and Adjustment Directorate, won gold in the 'Metallurgical production and manufacture of finished metal products, production of machinery and equipment' category.

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