Valmet will supply an automation system for coal washing to SUEK's Tugnuisky open-pit mine in Eastern Siberia, Russia. SUEK is currently constructing a new fine-size coal washing module and modern...
1 October 2018

Incentives for investment development should be targeted not only at new projects and companies, but also at existing legal entities, SUEK’s CEO Vladimir Rashevsky said at the session of the Eastern...

11 September 2018

According to SUEK’s CEO Vladimir Rashevsky, Siberian Coal Energy Company does not have a plan to purchase other energy assets in the future.

Source: ТАСС
11 September 2018

Prokopyevsky district residents were offered an environmental guided tour of coal-mining facilities of the region.

18 June 2018

At the production site of Cargo District No. 1, infrastructure for six more snow and fog generators is currently under construction.

18 June 2018

Rising developing world demand will keep a role for the most carbon-intensive fuel

14 June 2018

Engineers of the Chernogorsk Mechanical and Repair Works have mastered the production of new devices that enhance the safety of dump truck drivers. The device will be presented at the international...

4 June 2018

Each year Russia generates enormous amounts of waste, but 90% are what is not considered waste in other countries, namely, overburden and enclosing rocks. This puts the Russian Federation in a disadvantageous...

15 May 2018

In their view, Russia's coal power industry needs modernisation, and has no other alternative.

Source: TASS
12 April 2018
More than 300 participants from 64 IMO member-state delegations and 22 observer organizations participated in the session.
11 April 2018
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