14 July 2020

By 2025 SGС expects to replace another 70 boiler houses with CHPPs

According to Alexander Grigoriev, Deputy Director for Prospective Development at SGC's Heat Supply Directorate, who spoke during a live broadcast on the company’s Instagram account on Tuesday, 14 July, by 2025, LLC Siberian Generating Company (SGC, part of SUEK Group) plans to replace 70 boiler houses across the area of its operation with heat generated by the company's CHPPs.

 "Over the past five years (since 2015 - IF), we have replaced 48 boiler houses and switched some of the rest to the peak operation mode. Our plans for the coming years are largely related to the 'alternative boiler'. In the next five years, we plan to replace approximately 70 boiler houses," Alexander Grigoriev said.

Some of the boiler houses to be replaced are included in SGC's generation system. The company has 131 of them in total, and after entering into a concession agreement for the operation of Biysk networks (Altai region), this figure might reach 160, Alexander Grigoriev added.

He explained that replacing own boiler houses "allows the company to save".

SGC is an energy company operating in the Altai region, Kuzbass, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Sverdlovsk regions, the Republics of Khakassia and Tyva. The total electric capacity of SGC's heat and power plants is 16 GW, while their heat capacity is 25,000 Gcal/h.

Source: Interfax
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