15 June 2020

Murmansk Commercial Seaport to begin new environmental construction

In view of the anticipated traffic and estimated cargo breakdown, alongside stricter environmental requirements in the area of the Murmansk transport hub, the Murmansk Commercial Seaport needs additional capacities for receiving and disposing bilge water and ship waste.

The project approved by Glavgosexpertiza of Russia provides for a new environmental construction within the port area. It is designed to receive waste from transport ships. The designed facilities will be located close to Berth No. 20, currently hosting some of abandoned railway tracks, which will be partially dismantled/reconstructed. All work will be divided into three stages.

Stage 1 will feature a waterfront 148 m long and a wing wall 33.2 m long to moor cargo and auxiliary vessels. It will also include perimeter fencing, on-site railway tracks and other necessary facilities.

At this stage, the designed berth load will total 200,000 tonnes a year, including bulky and heavy cargo required for construction. Stage 2 will comprise the first phase of the new environmental construction: an office and amenity building and a checkpoint, driveways for vehicles, utilities and other facilities.

Stage 3 will complete the system. As a result, the new facility will be able to receive oil-containing (bilge) wastewater, household wastewater, oil sludge and solid domestic waste, and the turnover will reach 85,000 m3 per year. The stage includes a new tank farm, an incinerator, a biological treatment plant, a sludge dewatering unit, a fuel depot, a boiler house and other facilities. In addition, all system pipelines and networks will be completed.

Rosmorport is the developer and funding source. LLC Marine Construction & Technology is in charge of design preparation.
Source: Rambler
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