21 August 2020

SUEK to use soil from Borodinsky open-pit mine overburden for land rehabilitation

On 21 September 2020, SUEK-Krasnoyarsk (a subsidiary of SUEK) will hold public discussions on the draft technical documentation "Technology for Obtaining Process Soil from Overburden" for the Borodinsky open-pit mine, the company announced on 21 August.
The company has stated its plans to use the soil obtained to rehabilitate disturbed lands.
The public hearings will discuss the technical documentation and the environmental impact assessment (EIA) materials as amended based on the recommendations of the State Environmental Expertise.

SUEK-Krasnoyarsk invites all interested parties to submit their proposals to the company.

The Borodinsky open-pit mine was commissioned in 1949, and is today the largest coal asset under SUEK and in the Krasnoyarsk region.

SUEK is the largest coal producer in Russia. SUEK's main production assets in the Krasnoyarsk region are the Borodinsky, Berezovsky and Nazarovsky coal mines. Brown coal (mainly used in the heat power industry) is mined from open-pit mines. The SPARK-Interfax analytical system reports that SUEK's main shareholder is Siberian Energy Investments Ltd (which holds an 87.74% stake).
Source: Interfax
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