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SUEK’s easy access to key transport infrastructure enables us to reliably and cost-effectively supply the major markets of Russia, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We are closer to key Asian markets than many of our competitors, so we benefit from reduced transportation costs. National Transportation Company (NTK, 100%-owned by the Group) consolidates management of logistics infrastructure.

The Group operates one of the largest fleets of rail cars in Russia, totaling over 53,000 units, for supplying coal to its Russian customers transporting own coal to the ports where it is loaded onto seagoing vessels and shipped to the west and to the east, as well as third-party loads to export-bound ports and back. SUEK’s fleet satisfies over 80% of company’s transportation needs. 65% of our fleet consist of high-capacity cars, with 75- and 77-tonne capacity and a service life of up to 32 years. These were designed based on SUEK's bulkcargo optimisation requirements, and enable us to decrease electricity consumption per tonne and, therefore, carbon footprint of transportation. Our own railway infrastructure which is 746 km long connects the Group’s mining operations and ports to the main railway lines. The Group also operates 190 locomotives, providing access to the national railway network, and 16 loading stations.

International shipments of own coal and third-part fertilizer and other bulk loads go through our own modern seaports – Vanino Bulk Terminal and Maly Port in the East of Russia, Murmansk Commercial Seaport, Murmansk Bulk Terminal and Tuapse Bulk Terminal in the West of Russia.

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Vanino Bulk Terminal and Maly port

The modern Vanino Bulk Terminal is our key export gateway from Russia to the Asia-Pacific markets. Suek also uses Maly port

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Murmansk Commercial Seaport AND MURMANSK BULK TERMINAL

Murmansk Commercial Seaport and Murmansk Bulk Terminal are our key export gateway to the Atlantic market

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Tuapse Bulk Terminal is situated on the Black Sea

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