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Coal produced in Khabarovsk region is known as ‘Urgal’ coal, and is primarily supplied to the Asia-Pacific region.

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The Group’s mining operations in Khabarovsk are located at the Urgal deposit in the Bureinsky basin. The Bureinsky open pit, the Severnaya underground mine and the Pravoberezhny open pit launched in 2017 produce hard coal. This coal is washed at the Chegdomyn washing plant and a processing facility at the Bureinsky open pit, which increases its calorific value from 4,300 kcal/kg to 5,850 kcal/kg. SUEK supplies coal from Khabarovsk mines primarily to China and South Korea. The proximity of the Urgal assets to our Vanino Bulk Terminal represents a significant competitive advantage in terms of ease and cost of transportation. Mines in this region also supply coal to Russian power generation customers located in the Khabarovsk and Primorye regions.


  • Severnaya underground mine
  • Bureinsky open pit
  • Pravoberezhny open pit

Washing Plant and Processing Facility

  • Chegdomyn WP
  • Processing facility at Bureinsky open pit


  • Vanino Bulk Terminal

Development projects

Our main development projects:

  • increasing the capacity of the Pravoberezhny mine;
  • increasing the capacity of the Vanino Bulk Terminal to 40 Mt by 2024, including continued environmental initiatives;
  • implementing measures to combat dusting at unloading coal, at coal warehouses, at loading coal into ships through installing stationary irrigation and dust suppression systems;
  • construction and modernisation of water treatment facilities.
Distance to Vanino Bulk Terminal and other far-eastern Russian ports – 980–1,560 km
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