SUEK uses open-pit and underground mining to produce hardbrown and coking coal.

Open-pit mining Open-pit mining img
19 Open-pit mines
2/3 of our coal mined by open pits

We operate 19 open-pit mines, comprising eleven hard coal, seven brown coal and one coking coal facilities. Open-pit mining is the most efficient method of production in shallow deposits. It can extract all the coal within an area and fully recover very thick seams. Some of our open-pit mines extract seams of 30 metres or more. Many of our open pits have been improved in recent years to increase output and efficiency.

Underground mining Underground mining img
underground mines
1/3 of our coal comes from underground mines

We operate 9 underground mines in Siberia and far-eastern Russia. Most of our mines extract seams of two to five metre thickness and all are accessed via inclines driven from the surface. Coal is typically transported from working areas to the surface by belt conveyor with only one mine using a shaft winder. Modern, fully mechanised longwall methods are used throughout. Increased production from longwall faces has required improved roadheaders and bolter miners to speed up development.

SUEK's reserves and resources report is available following the link.

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