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Ensuring a stable, social environment in the regions where we operate is important to SUEK and we are implementing a range of socio-economic and charitable programmes to improve the quality of life of our employees, their families and local communities.

SUEK’s social programmes cover over 60 cities and towns in the regions of Russia where we operate. In addition, SUEK is the largest taxpayer and employer in a number of Russian regions, and through our regional policy we aim to improve the quality of life of local communities to create a comfortable social environment. SUEK implements social and charitable development programmes at all its key facilities. In 2020 we implemented over 150 projects in regions where company operates, with a total financial investment of $14m. In 2020, SUEK paid $314m in taxes in Russia.

We maintain constructive relationships with regional and municipal authorities as well as non-governmental organisations in order to promote sustainable development of local communities. Regular sociological surveys allow us to assess performance of our programmes and develop new areas for social investment.

Our social priorities include:

  • Working alongside regional authorities to improve housing standards and develop education, sports and medical care
  • Making the regions where the Group operates more attractive to the younger generation, thereby helping to recruit young people to work in the coal mining industry
  • Improving efficiency of social investment in the regions and encouraging greater engagement with non-governmental organisations and the business community

Regional Development

The company’s social activities cover multiple areas which, as we believe, are essential for improving the quality of life in the regions:

  • environment;
  • education and science;
  • sports and healthy lifestyle;
  • healthcare;
  • Development of urban areas and infrastructure in the regions where we operate;
  • leisure activities, culture, and fulfillment of creative potential;
  • improving local administrations;
  • developing social and business activities of the public, and providing self-fulfillment opportunities;
  • affordable housing and utilities.

We implement and fund our social policy through non-profit organisation called ‘Socio-economic regional support fund ‘SUEK to the Regions’. The fund’s activities cover all areas of SUEK’s operations.

More detailed information about SUEK's social programmes is available in the 2020 Annual Report

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