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Employee health and safety is SUEK’s absolute priority. LTIFR and absence of group fatal accidents, are KPI’s and the top management’s bonus modifiers.

SUEK’s system for managing health and safety across the company is regulated by our internal Occupational Health and Safety Policy, which is binding for all employees and contractors, and aims to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents at our production plants. It is being continuously developed in compliance with advanced international standards, including ISO 45001 occupational health and safety requirements, Bettercoal global responsible coal supply chain and Vision Zero safety project. The company’s industrial safety system undergoes ISO 45001 audit and was assessedas part of its Bettercoal audit in 2018.

Our internal standards apply to both company personnel and contractors involved in work at SUEK’s units.

SUEK's industrial safety management system provides a unified methodology and monitoring at all levels of the company's management. The Board of Directors constantly monitors the progress of our health and safety strategy. The main responsibility rests with the CEO. In 2021, SUEK’s Board established a dedicated HSE Committee and the position of HSE Officer to support the CEO through supervising the strategy implementation, development and introduction of policies and standards, mitigation of key sustainability risks, and ensuring crossfunctional communication between top managers and experts. The Committee’s ability to successfully address safety issues relies on setting strategic objectives, goals and areas of focus, and addressing material issues in industrial safety, labour safety and the environment.

We actively promote industrial safety culture in all of our facilities and adhere to the principles of zero tolerance to injuries and accidents.

The main risks in our production are associated with potentially explosive concentrations of methane, and accumulation of fine, explosive coal dust deposits in working areas, location of large equipment in open-pits, mines, ports and power facilities, possibility of generating a potentially explosive pulverised coal mixture in coal pulverisation units of TPP boilers, depressurisation of equipment operating under significant overpressure of the heat carrier. The company has detailed risk action plans and developed plans in case of emergency situations.

Vision Zero

In 2018, SUEK also joined the Vision Zero (zero injury) campaign launched by the International Social Security Association.

Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR)
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