Risk Management

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We fully understand the need to continually develop effective measures to identify, analyse and ultimately mitigate risks in response to our challenging environment.

Our comprehensive risk management system encompasses all our activities. The major responsibility for risk management lies within the Risk Management Committee, which is headed by the CEO. Corporate risk management system is also supervised and assessed by the Board of Directors’ Audit Committee.

Considering the particular nature of the coal mining industry, we constantly focus on risks specific to the sector. We also realise that, as our production, sales and financial activities grow, the need for efficient management of a wider range of risks increases.

In order to ensure we are prepared to respond quickly to any adverse developments, we continuously monitor and analyse trends in key markets and related industries. We also monitor the macroeconomic environment, both in Russia and in countries that import SUEK’s products.

Please read our latest Annual Report to find out more about our key risks and how we mitigate them

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