Комплаенс. Противодействие коррупции

Corporate Education

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The key areas of employee development include (a) occupational training, (b) retraining, (c) advanced training, (d) obtaining additional skills, and (e) training of employees from a succession pool to take managerial positions.

The company has a network of occupational training organisations. It includes 14 training facilities and schools which have been licensed by the state and have professional trainers on staff. Their main objectives are new job training, second (concurrent) job training, and advanced training. We put special emphasis on work and industrial safety training. SUEK’s regional training network can handle up to 15,000 persons every year.

The key element of the corporate training infrastructure is the Corporate University. It is an analytical, methodological and consulting centre in terms of knowledge management and development of workforce capacity.

The following is a list of the main aspects of SUEK’s Corporate University operations:

  • Managing corporate knowledge base;
  • Supporting strategic changes and introduction of advanced business technologies throughout the company;
  • Developing the leadership and entrepreneurship potential within the company;
  • Training of key employees to improve labour productivity;
  • Identifying and supporting development of promising employees;
  • Reinforcing corporate culture;
  • Building management skills;
  • Learning from international industry experience.

We continuously develop professional, leadership and management skills of our employees so that each of them has a chance to build a dream career.

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