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SUEK announces operational results for January-September 2019

1 November 2019
In January-September 2019, SUEK produced 74.6 million tonnes of coal, representing an 8% decrease year-on-year caused by scheduled longwall face moves at Kuzbass underground mines.

For the first nine months of 2019 sales volumes of coal and other energy products amounted to 83.2 million tonnes. International sales dropped by 6% to 40.8 million tonnes due to railway infrastructure restrictions on the way to the Far Eastern ports and the partial redistribution of supply volumes to the domestic market due to lower export prices. SUEK’s key export markets included South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Morocco and Italy.

Coal sales to Russian customers grew by 2% year-on-year to 42.4 million tonnes, 24.5 million tonnes of which were supplied to the power plants of Siberian Generating Company (SGC) that joined SUEK Group in August 2018.

For January-September 2019, SGC generating assets produced 32.7 billion KWh of electricity and 27.9 million Gcal of heat. Electricity production was largely flat year-on-year, heat production fell by 6% due to lower ambient air temperature in 2018.

SUEK is one of the world’s leading coal producers, the largest coal producer, supplier and exporter in Russia, as well as a leading heat and electricity producer in Siberia. SUEK’s mining, processing, energy, transport and service facilities are located in 11 regions of Russia. The company employs over 64,000 people.

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