Комплаенс. Противодействие коррупции

Operational Efficiency

Labour productivity at SUEK’s operations is the highest in the Russian coal mining industry.

SUEK has designed and implemented a programme for improving operational efficiency.

The programme has the following key features:

  1. Changing the mining concept

    In 2005-2013 all our mining operations were completely redesigned. The fundamental design principle was a systematic and comprehensive removal of mining constraints.

  2. Development of a new engineering policy

    The company has developed and implemented universal engineering policies for all of its operations, which formalise approaches to selection of mining equipment and set the trend for technical advances of the operations in the mid-term.

  3. Introduction of new industrial engineering and motivation principles

    We have introduced a case-specific approach to workplace management for each work activity. We are developing individual motivation systems for each type of job of production personnel as well as for individual operations based on their specific features.

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