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Health & Safety

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Providing good healthcare and safe working conditions for workers is SUEK’s number one priority. The level of LTIFR and the quality of executing occupational safety activities directly impact top managers and executives bonuses.

SUEK’s system for managing health and safety at the company is based on our Internal Occupational Health and Safety Policy, aimed at minimising the risk of injuries and accidents at our operational sites. It complies with newfangled international standards, including ISO 45001, and principles of Bettercoal Code and Vision Zero initiative.

In 2021, our coal assets in Kuzbass, Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia finished the internal audit procedures for compliance with ISO 45001 health and safety management standards. Our internal safety standards are compulsory for our personnel and as well applicable for our contractors.

In 2021, SUEK’s Board of Directors established a Health, Safety and Environment Committee to form a comprehensive system for decision making regarding occupational and environmental safety, and climate agenda.

We actively promote industrial safety culture in all of our facilities and adhere to the principles of zero tolerance to injuries and accidents.

The Committee oversees the following areas:

  • Ensuring compliance with industrial and environmental safety standards at our enterprises; monitoring our system of key performance indicators in this area
  • Analysing the causes and consequences of accidents and developing recommendations on their future prevention actively popularize the culture of industrial safety across all our facilities and adhere to the principles of zero tolerance to injuries and accidents.

The main risks at operational sites may vary in accordance with process specifics, for example, the possibility of having high concentration of explosive methane and accumulation of fine, explosive coal dust in mines, with the movement of large-sized machinery at open pits and ports, with the potential possibility of with the possibility of the formation of potentially explosive pulverized coal mixture on TPP boilers and the risks of decompression of machinery functioning at over-pressure of the coolant at power facilities. Internal safety standards are aimed at managing and mitigating production risks, and detailed contingency plans have been developed at the company's enterprises.

Vision Zero

SUEK has been a member of the Vision Zero (zero injury) campaign introduced by the International Social Security Association since 2018. Back on top