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SUEK helps fight COVID

SUEK helps fight COVID image

At the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, SUEK set up an emergency response centre and initiated a number of programmes to prevent the spread of infection and protect the health of employees and residents of the territories where our production units are located.

SUEK ensures uninterrupted operation of all assets that supply coal and electricity to consumers both in Russia and abroad.

In view of the pandemic, we pay increased attention to the safety of our employees:

  • Partially transferring those not involved in production activities to remote work and cancelling the vast majority of business trips; all meetings are held remotely as much as possible; the company have strict disciplinary measures in place and distributes relevant information, including through a dedicated COVID-19 hotline, and takes measures to prevent the development of the epidemic
  • Introducing stricter protocols at the beginning of the working day; each employee is fully provided with personal protective and disinfecting equipment; the company carries out regular checks and tests
  • Taking advanced sanitary measures on a daily basis, including enhanced disinfection of rooms, air disinfection and total thermometry

We also started vaccination of employees. 

SUEK monitors the needs of local hospitals and social institutions for medical and personal protective equipment. In particular, we:

  • Provide lung ventilators, PPE to hospitals
  • Disinfect roads, entrances, stops in the cities of our operations, etc.
  • Set up the production of recirculating air disinfectants

In the regions, SUEK volunteers have joined the #WeTogether campaign. As part of this campaign, volunteers deliver food and fruits, personal protective equipment and personal care products to veterans, pensioners, large and disadvantageous families. Also, volunteers deliver food and hot meals to health workers, and the company improves the conditions for work and rest of medical staff.

We are confident that the best solution to any problem is the active participation and interaction of all stakeholders. In the fight against the coronavirus, we cooperate with the state, local and regional authorities, non-governmental organisations and active citizens. We are doing everything in our power to maintain social and economic stability in the regions, support the normal functioning of infrastructure, help our regions and people survive this difficult period and return to normal life as soon as possible.

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