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Interaction with Stakeholders

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We make decisions every day that affect our customers, investors, employees and the communities where we operate. Our aim is to create long-term value for all our stakeholders.

The basic principles of our relationships with stakeholders are defined in our Code of Corporate Ethics. They include:

  • Accommodating the interests of all parties via active cooperation based on fairness, openness and mutual respect
  • Ensuring transparency in all company information and financial affairs
  • Observing high ethical standards in all business conduct
  • Complying with all relevant legislation and regulation

How we engage with stakeholders


Our priority when dealing with our customers is to provide the highest quality of service – this means shipments are on time and uninterrupted. We are consistently improving the quality of our products and are striving to develop a personal approach to every customer.


We engage with shareholders by ensuring sustainable growth of the company and increasing its shareholder value. We respect shareholders’ rights and the need to provide full access to necessary data.

Financial stakeholders

Our communications with financial stakeholders are based on demonstrating investment potential by developing our corporate governance and operational efficiency. We also disclose information which is of interest to the financial community in annual reports, our website and in the media.


We endeavour to provide fair remuneration, fulfil our social commitments and help develop the professional skills of our staff. We also aim to provide a safe working environment in line with the most advanced international standards.

Suppliers and business partners

We aim to develop long-term, sustainable relationships with our business partners. Our key principles in this area are adherence to business ethics and fulfilment of our contractual obligations.

State bodies

We fully comply with the legislation of the countries where we operate. Working with government bodies, we build partnerships to contribute to regional economic and social development.

Local communities

Our involvement with local communities focuses on upgrades to social infrastructure, improvements to housing, education and healthcare. We also seek to develop local entrepreneurship and support environmental projects.

NGOs and charities

We engage with NGOs in Russia to evaluate the effectiveness of our social projects and environmental programmes. We want to grow the company while ensuring a positive impact on society.

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